Solera Enthusiasts

The Solera Standout focuses on raising awareness to the importance of the presence of sherry, Spanish vermouth and brandy de Jerez at the bar and at the table, whether as a cocktail or served by the glass. We believe the solera system, wines & spirits, are the ultimate pairing category and we want to prove that it works perfectly as hospitality companion, both in cocktails and by the glass.
Most of us are thirsty for new cocktail creations that highlight the characteristics of sherry wine, vermouth and brandy de Jerez. This made us realize that the Solera Standout fulfills this aim of the brand. Therefore, Why not take this concept to a competition that gathers the best cocktail creations to be enjoyed at bars, restaurants or at home?

With a new era in the hospitality cosmos, it is time to encounter more novel and enjoyable experiences at both bar and table. Nothing better than offering a palate journey for all to relish in a tasty solera-based cocktail.

Consequently, this Standout invites bartenders to feature their bonafide creations by offering a recipe that is sure to elicit the most interesting sensations from their cocktails*.

Check out the Solera Standout 2021 competition basics and its rules and regulations. We welcome you!

*The addition of a pairing is optional and will not be used as a judging standard.