The Competition

The cocktail competition world is now come to life, and with it the return of the Solera Standout to regain the attention of the bartender community. The competition has always looked for the most versatile and ingenious bartender. The Solera System products (Sherry, vermut de Jerez and brandy de Jerez) are categories to be discovered and developed yet!
The Solera Standout is once more searching for the most multitalented bartender to conquer the usage of Solera System wines and spirits.
Submit your cocktail recipe from October 1st to December 11th to allow our first panel of judges taste and score the cocktail. They will tally and test every aspect of the cocktail and select the best 16 cocktails.
Going one step forward. Add a pairing suggestion.
We believe a great cocktail deserves a great combination. Whether it is food, a moment, a song, or anything you may think will enhance your recipe, we will be more than glad to try it.

The best 16 cocktails will be replicated, tasted, and rated by Lustau Brand Ambassadors. If your recipe is eventually selected as the 4 top ones, you will be competing in the finals. Prepare yourself. You will be competing in person, against 3 more finalists to be chosen the most skillful bartender and the Best Solera Bartender in the US.

All recipes will be grouped and be available in a digital cocktail guide, presenting every bartender, every recipe and concept. The Guide shall also be edited digitally, as an eBook and shared on every Lustau’s channel.


This year the winner will have an engaging prize and all finalists will also be awarded for their talent and imagination.

One week internship at Lustau in April 2023 for the winner to unveil the Lustau Universe in the sherry region and Madrid.
$1.25K cash prize to the winner and $400 cash prize to each of the 3 runners up at the finals
A full CSWS® course + Lustau wines for each of the 4 participating at the finals.